Team Bachata DJ Camp

If you're an aspiring DJ or just need to improve your DJ skills, this 3-hour camp is where you can learn from the best - DJ Tiguere, DJ Soltrix and DJ Emerzive. Space is limited so register today for this unique hands-on experience. Sponsored by

Friday 2:00pm : Mixing // DJ Emerzive

Friday 3:00pm : Production // DJ Soltrix

Friday 4:00pm : Programming // DJ Tiguere

Salsa Fusion Camp

2-hour master class with Trillogy where you'll learn and experience a workshop like no other. Join us as we fuse Salsa with other elements such as House, vogue, & hip-hop!

Saturday 10:00am

Bachata Master Camp

Join Master instructors Ataca & La Alemana for this intense camp where you'll learn to take Bachata to the next level.

Saturday 1:00pm

Womanity Camp

Unique dance style by Maria Ramos infusing all forms of feminine movement. Improves styling while bringing sexy, fun moves to Salsa, Bachata and hip-hop.

Saturday 3:00pm

Master Mambo Camp

Because you want to teach others true Mambo technique, start by learning from a Master. Join Adolfo Indacochea in this intense Mambo master class.

Sunday 1:00pm

Sensual Bachata Camp

Join Sensual Bachata masters Chaves & Silvia and learn everything from the foundations of Sensual Bachata, etiquette and moves that are beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Sunday 3:00pm